Monday, November 10, 2014

Grading is Not Easier This Way

As I get ready to open up my gradebook and Google Classroom, I find that getting grades back in a timely manner is actually more difficult for me than it was before.  Part of the problem is going back to school to get my Masters has limited my time, but also that many things that my TAs helped me with before they cannot do for me now.

Don't get me wrong, my TA is helping me a great deal, and I always have something for her to do, especially now that I've pulled back a little in my 11th grade CP class with what we use the Chromebooks for (we aren't so paperless anymore).  But, prior to moving towards blended-learning, my TAs helped me sort the completed work from the incomplete work, which sped up my grading.  I can't have them do that now unless (until?) Classroom comes up with a TA component.  I just might send feedback to them on that.

Hopefully, as I go through this adventure, I will find ways to make grading easier on myself.

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