Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thank you Google, but...really?

I love Google and all that it does, but did they really have to finally do the much needed feature update the day after I created a video that is now no longer accurate?

So on Monday, I created this video to show students how to set up a document on Google Drive in the correct MLA format because year after year, they still get it wrong.

 What do I notice the very next day?  That Google has now added the option to have a different header on the first page in contrast to all other pages.  For those that use Microsoft Word, this is something that has been an option for years.  It hasn't been for Google, but now is.

When you go to insert a header, you now have the below option to click on:

The options for page numbers (needed for MLA formatted headers) changed as well to this:

Overall, this is great and students (and myself now for my own papers) can truly and correctly format their papers.  But, I now need to find time to create a new, more updated video.  I mean really?  The day after I create the video?

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