Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nurturing Learning Communities Reflection 4

This past week was...sad and scary. I didn't really do much in trying to connect and got myself out there on my PLNs. Maybe after sharing this blog post, I'll go out and ask a question about trust and see if I get any responses, which I can then discuss next week.

So why did I fall short in participating in my PLNs this week? Why was it both sad and scary?

On Monday, Memorial Day, I got an email from my principal that a senior (whom I had as a sophomore) had passed away from an apparent suicide. I've since had this weird vague sadness about it. There is some disconnect because I don't have an empty seat to remind me of his absence every day, but I do have my memories of two years ago of a smart (if not slightly apathetic about school) kid rapping and beatboxing under his breath. I have my memories of the student who spoke so eloquently and philosophically about life and music; though I didn't always understand what he was saying, I got the meaning behind the words.  

I also have my anger. I will admit. I have my moments where I'm angry at him for doing it. Also my anger at the school for only telling his current teachers about the services and not the entire school. He had teachers all four years he was at our school. He had other teachers who cared about him.

His family started a GoFundMe to help with expense, they are almost at their goal. Please consider donating.

That was the sad (or part of it) so on to the scary. On Thursday, after school, I had just done a walk around the school and sat down to gather my things to head to class when a shelter-in-place call went out over the loud speaker. I went to lock my door and pulled a teacher and about 20 kids from the hallway into my room, turned off the lights and pulled down the shades. I called the office to let them know I had 20 kids in my classroom and to ask what was going on. I was told an armed intruder.

It took about 20 or 30 minutes before we were given the all clear to resume what we had been doing. Luckily, there hadn't been an armed intruder, but the possibility of one. The suspect turned himself in to police before he entered the campus.

So, how do you deal and cope as an educator when life gets real?


  1. Hi Mindy, this is Christel's cousin Erica... I'm so sorry your week was so hard. I hope you don't mind my comments, I can't of course equate to your responsibilities as an educator, but as a human who has come close to tragedy lately, I humbly suggest 1. A support group and 2. Reading. 1. It helps, so much, to know other people are going through similar things. If there isn't something like that for teachers, make one? For 2. perhaps a better intellectual understanding of the things that make people do things like this would help ease some of the terror. It doesn't help the control-ability factor, but for me knowing more just helps.

    take care :)

    1. Thanks for the reply and suggestions, Erica.